Trelleborg’s Newest CX940 Tire Engineered to Maximize Modern Port Operations

Trelleborg CX940 720
Trelleborg has released its latest tire, CX940, made for maximum resistance in handling high intensity jobs in busy ports and harbors, inland ports and industries such as steel mills the world over. The CX940 tire is specially designed for heavy duty equipment constantly on the move, such as reach stackers and top picks. The tire brings greater stability and comfort to operators and its unique wear-resistant compound helps protect the tire from wear and tear through long hours during high intensity applications.
Chiara Cianci, Product Marketing Manager Material Handling at Trelleborg states: “Today’s ports are logistic nerve centers for millions of products going to and from countries more than ever before. Large ships are carrying an increased number of larger containers where loading and unloading require speed and precision. Our new CX940 tire is made for stress and endurance. Its robust casing and optimized tread design mean less downtime and more efficient machines, which adds up to huge savings in highly busy ports.”


The CX940 tire has an extra-wide tread that increases operator comfort and provides better resistance when carrying high intensity loads. The tire reduces heat generation even at high speeds, and its reinforced bead construction has been tested to make hard turns in tight areas, putting far less stress on the tire.


“The CX940 is our answer to modern port operators who demand greater resistance and longevity during long, hard days so operators can concentrate on swiftly moving merchandise. With our Trelleborg tires, they can get to work knowing their tires will support their every maneuver” concluded Cianci.


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