Trelleborg tires’ Premium Care Program hits 1000-member milestone

ENG-Premium Care Program-1000-members
Trelleborg tires celebrates a significant milestone as its Premium Care program reaches over 1000 members shortly after its launch in November. Tailored exclusively for farmers and contractors across Europe, the Premium Care program embodies Trelleborg's dedication to providing comprehensive support beyond just advanced tires, enhancing agri professionals’ experience in the field.

Launched in Europe at Agritechnica, the Premium Care program represents Trelleborg tires’ commitment to delivering unparalleled support, expertise, and care directly to the agricultural community. By empowering farmers and contractors, the program aims to optimize tire performance, extend tire lifespan and provides added peace of mind through an extended warranty on Trelleborg tires.

"We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response to our Premium Care program, with over 1000 registrations in a short period," said Roberta D'Agnano, EMEA Marketing Director at Yokohama TWS. "This achievement underscores the value and trust that farmers and contractors place in Trelleborg tire solutions, and we are committed to exceeding their expectations with our premium services and support”.

The Premium Care program offers a series of benefits to its members, including an extension warranty on Trelleborg  tires and access to Trelleborg's team of experts for immediate assistance and tailored advice.

Additionally, Trelleborg tires is actively enhancing the program with innovative initiatives, ensuring ongoing benefits for its valued members. By continually refining and expanding its offerings, Trelleborg tires remains committed to elevating the agricultural experience and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of those who rely on Trelleborg tires for their business.

Joining the Premium Care program is a seamless process, offering hassle-free registration to all agricultural professionals across Europe. To learn more about the program and how to become a member, visit


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