Keeping sustainability on track: it needs the right tire

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It’s time to rethink the way we make tires, and the off-highway segment is no exception to this global imperative, driven by sustainability in the first place.

The escalating costs of petroleum-based rubber, coupled with manufacturers' demand for materials that boost operational efficiency and cut long-term expenses, have emerged as potent motivators, while regulatory bodies have also entered the fray, underlining the necessity for eco-friendly solutions in tire production and recycling processes.


New ranges of innovative products, engineered to optimize performance while minimizing environmental footprints, are consequently making their debut in the market, shining as beacons of sustainability; and, among them, Trelleborg Tires stands out as a compelling story to be shared.


Cutting-edge tire technology as a sustainability engine


While the sustainable impact of tires has been frequently overlooked, Trelleborg Tires has been making a name for itself through a  revolutionary approach to materials sourcing and manufacturing processes. By harnessing renewable resources and employing advanced production techniques, Trelleborg Tires is nowadays capable of delivering tire solutions that not only perform exceptionally but also reduce carbon emissions and environmental footprint significantly.


For instance, the TM1 ECO POWER tire, engineered for both electric and fuel-powered tractors, incorporates 65% bio-based and recycled materials, offering superior performance at the highest environmental standards, ultimately promoting responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices.


Similarly, the XP1000 advanced treads for material handling equipment are crafted from high-performance compounds made with recycled materials, ensuring longevity and significant emissions reduction, also thanks to an exclusive Pit Stop Line that minimizes waste. These unique features contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions on the order of 110 tons of CO2, equivalent to the pollution generated by nearly 800,000 kilometers of driving.


Eventually in the construction segment, the EMR range is specifically designed for loader, dumper, and grader applications, with a robust carcass to support eventual retreading.



Tires that keep you going, durable and efficient design for maximized performances


Beyond the tire composition, Trelleborg Tires has prioritized fuel and energetic efficiency as a key feature of its sustainable tire offerings, providing solutions that enable vehicle operators to not  only save money, but also increase productivity and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


Design is key: thanks to its tread central rib, the TM1 ECO POWER has proven extremely low rolling resistance which enables low fuel consumption and extended battery usage, proving an astounding 47% improvement versus a premium standard tire. In the same way, the advanced construction and compound formula of the XP1000 provides for extra battery power for electric forklifts and reduces fuel consumption for internal combustion truck; and the strong radial carcass and state of the art compound of the EMR1030 tire assure a long operational life made of low fuel consumption and equal load distribution.


The man behind the wheel comes first


A comfortable driving experience is paramount for operators’ safety and efficiency. By reducing accidents, it becomes a key sustainable feature for tires as well as sustainable asset for companies. Trelleborg Tires has recognized this.  


For example, the TM1 ECO POWER offers from 5% to 10% less deflection compared to the premium standard agricultural tire, leading to reduced deformation under load, and offering improved stability during both transportation and daily farm operations, while the XP1000 middle cushion layer absorbs road roughness, minimizing vibrations while maximizing operator comfort and safety. Ultimately, the multi surface tread design of the EMR series delivers control and perfect grip when it’s needed the most, whether on sand, rock, gravel, or soil.


Through all these examples, Trelleborg's sustainable tire innovations represent a paradigm shift in the off-highway tire industry, where green design and performance converge to shape the future of the segment. By championing sustainability at every stage of the tire lifecycle, Trelleborg Tires is not only redefining industry standards but also reaffirming its commitment to creating a more sustainable world for generations to come.


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