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Trelleborg PneuTrac is a solution that combines the advantages both of radial argicultural tires and tracks.
Trelleborg TM3000
"... Our experience with Trelleborg TM3000 is very good."                                                                                                        
Trelleborg TM900 High Power     
«...the main benefits of the TM900 High Power are: traction due to its tread pattern, self cleaning due to the interlug terraces"
Trelleborg TH400
The most important benefits of the TH400 for us are high stability of the tire...»                                          
TM1000 High Power
«...and we have chosen the TM1000 High Power for the 1050 because this is a great tire…»
Trelleborg TM700 ProgressiveTraction®
«We have chosen the TM700 ProgressiveTraction® for its high self-cleaning qualities and for its improved traction capacity..»
Trelleborg VIP
«...Using VIP, we achieve low soil compaction, so the water can drain more easily

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