Trelleborg’s new XP900 tyre, Ideal For Handling High Intensity Applications

Trelleborg XP900
Trelleborg launches its newest tiye, the XP900, made for high intensity material handling applications. The new tyre increases efficiency and performs well above average in cornering, cycle length, average speed and working time during high intensity applications.

As the newest tyre in the XP range, XP900 guarantees long-lasting wear and provides exceptional stability in heavy load operations and long workdays. It is designed to perform across a variety of conditions, including warehouses, shop floors, and other material handling ground services.  

Performance comparison tests against key competitive tyre show that the XP900 lasts 14% longer with 3% improved endurance, preventing heat generation during prolonged use. Additionally, the advanced material compounds ensure extended tyre life and lower rolling resistance, leading to enhanced energy efficiency. The special XP900 block tread is designed with a large footprint for easier cornering and load positioning, offering 7% more stability when handling heavy loads.

“With the introduction of our XP900 tyre, Trelleborg now boasts a full range of solid, resilient forklift tyres that can handle any job intensity with specific high performing tyre solutions. Our range includes XP700 for low intensity, XP800 for medium intensity, XP1000 for maximum intensity and now our latest XP900 for high intensity applications. We’ve designed the XP900 tyre to deliver operational efficiency and sustainability, ensuring a minimum level of energy waste. It’s proof of our commitment to bring advanced solutions to market that minimize environmental impact while maximizing performance under any working condition,” stated Chiara Cianci, Product Marketing Manager Material Handling at Trelleborg.

Available in two compounds, multi-purpose or non-marking, the new tyre outperforms in both indoor and outdoor material handling operations.

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